Nick Kyrgios Is Selling His BMW M3 On Facebook

Nick Kyrgios, tennis superstar, 21 year old, and BMW driver, is selling his car. He's owned it from new, it's the first car he ever bought, and it's a 315kW 2015 M3 capable of hitting 100km/h from a standstill in about four seconds.

And he's selling it on Facebook.

The low-ball bids are already coming in+ — "will you take 6K Nick?" "Been looking for a car in the $6000 range" — while others are telling Kyrgios to "concentrate on tennis only". Kyrgios says $6000 will get you the petrol tank lid.

The F80 M3 is in "immaculate" condition, we're told, with 16,000km on the clock. It's been regularly serviced and taken care of Knowing Kyrgios' on-court attitude, though, some of those might have been travelled with a heavy right foot. Caveat emptor.

You can 'inbox' Nick if you need any extra info. [Facebook]

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