It's Going To Be Incredibly Hard To Get LEGO's Special Star Wars Celebration Set

Star Wars Celebration gets under way in Florida next week, and with it comes countless exclusives that only attendees will be able to snatch up and sell on eBay afterwards. But LEGO's special edition Celebration set could be the hardest one to get your hands on since it will only be available to attendees lucky enough to win a raffle ahead of the festivities.

Attendees hoping to score the new LEGO Detention Block Rescue set, featuring 220-pieces recreating the scene from the original Star Wars where Luke and Han dress up like Stormtroopers to rescue Princess Leia, will first need to enter a raffle on the Star Wars Celebration website between now and 12:01AM EST/2:01PM AEST on Thursday, April 6.

Winners will be chosen and notified by April 7, but LEGO isn't giving away these sets as prizes. Winning the raffle only means you're eligible to purchase the set at the company's Star Wars Celebration booth, and won't be turned away like you just asked to buy some Mega Bloks.

[Star Wars Celebration]



    Argh! The white strip lights on the back wall don't follow the pattern! The far right one has the short bit at the bottom instead of at the top. And even then it's reversed with respect to what's on the box.

    I need a lie down.

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