Holy Cow, Who Isn’t Coming Back To Arrow At This Point?

Holy Cow, Who Isn’t Coming Back To Arrow At This Point?

Today, Entertainment Weekly revealed that Nyssa al Ghul will make a re-appearance to fight her sister Talia in Arrow‘s fifth season finale. Normally an announcement like this wouldn’t be much of a draw, but it has us questioning: Why the hell is the CW bringing back so many characters to Arrow right now?

Image: The CW

The confirmation of Katrina Law’s return to the show follows hot on the heels of two similar announcements in the past couple of weeks: First, that Katie Cassidy would be returning as a regular beginning in the fifth season finale, in the role of the villainous Earth-2 version of Laurel Lance Black Siren. Then yesterday Stephen Amell confirmed that Manu Bennett will reprise his role as Slade Wilson, AKA Deathstroke, on Twitter. Now, we have Nyssa’s return to duel with her sister (who was, let’s be honest, the al Ghul sibling Arrow has always wanted to have on the show, in its process of the Batmanification of Green Arrow). I’m sure in the coming days we’ll get the confirmation of a kitchen sink coming for a ride, too.

But seriously, what is Arrow building up toward that could necessitate the need to haul back as many actors from its past for the season five finale? We know that, at least thanks to the newly revealed title of the finale, the show’s going back to the island that kicked it all off, Lian Yu. But as well as that, over the course of this season, Ollie has had to tackle Prometheus, a foe that’s pushed him back to the sort of vigilante he was when the show began. That’s partially because of a desire for /”back to basics” Arrow that has driven the approach of this whole season in the wake of the series getting progressively wilder, but it also seems to have meant we’re getting a lot of familiar faces coming back, whether if it’s for guest spots or, in the case of Cassidy, seemingly for good.

Whatever brings all this about, Arrow‘s finale sounds like it could be one hell of an episode when it airs in the coming months.

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