Genius Vacuum-Hating Dog Figured Out How To Turn Off Its Owner's Roomba

Video: Dogs are some of the most loving and affectionate pets you can own, but they do have one sworn enemy: Vacuum cleaners. They will incessantly bark, or run and hide while you're cleaning your floors. But one dog adapted to its owner's Roomba wandering all over the house like it owns the place — it's apparently learned how to turn the damn thing off.

GIF: YouTube

Creators Of The Roomba Admit That It Smears Shit Around People's Homes 'A Lot'

Sometimes, life gets you down. Sometimes, a jerk cuts ahead of you in line at the airport and you miss your flight. Sometimes, you bite into a mouldy peach. And sometimes, your Roomba smears pet shit all over your house.

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We've seen before how pets and Roombas aren't exactly the ideal roommates, and this is yet another example of how you might just want to stick with sweeping your floors if you own a dog. An autonomous robot vacuum isn't much good if it only gets about a metre from its charging dock before your pup runs up and turns it off.

Being the internet and all, there's a chance we're being duped here, and the dog's owner is using a remote to turn off the Roomba when the pup puts its snout down. But YouTube has quite a few videos of dogs turning Roombas on the same way. Also, this dog is good and pure, so we'll continue to believe.

[YouTube via BoingBoing]

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