What Do You Want From A Decade And A Half Of Star Wars After Episode IX?

The only thing certain about the future of Star Wars is that there is one. After Episode IX in 2019, Disney hasn't announced what plans are beyond that. But there will be more and the CEO just said the company has again begun to discuss what the future will hold.

Lobot Standalone movie? Anything is possible with 15 more years of Star Wars. Image: Fox

"We're starting talk about what could happen after Episode IX. About what could be another decade-and-a-half of Star Wars stories," Bob Iger said Thursday.

Reading that, I feel like "decade-and-a-half" is kind of an arbitrary number. I don't think the meetings are specifically focused on 15 years of movies. Maybe five years and see how it goes? But the internet is latching on to this 15 years thing, so we'll play along.

Let's break this down. If you start in 2020, 15 years brings us to 2034. Sticking with the "Saga Episode Every Other Year" thing, that would bring us to potentially Episode 16 in 2033 and the 10th (including Rogue and Han) Star Wars Story in 2034.

The problem with this model is Episode 16 would be the first film of the fourth sequel trilogy. You can't just make 15 years of movies, Mr Iger.

Anyway, the rest is up to you. How do you interpret the quote and what do you want to see for the next 15 years of Star Wars?

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