'This Is Some Black Mirror Shit' Is The Perfect Motto For 2017

Everybody knows 2016 was a weird year. But guess what: So far, 2017 is even weirder. Like dystopian, wake-me-from-this-nightmare, am-I-living-in-an-episode-of-Black-Mirror weird. We have the tweets to prove it.

Image: Netflix

A simple Twitter search reveals that a critical mass of people think the world is suddenly turning into a dark sci-fi reality, much like the spine-tingling, dystopian TV show. They're not wrong. From stories about texting dead people to news about creating artificial memories, the things that are happening this year are undeniably disturbing. So much so that "This is some Black Mirror shit" might as well be the motto of 2017. Just look at how many people are saying it in the last month alone — and this is just a sampling:

Be safe out there. Beware the robots.

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