This Gorgeous Kong: Skull Island Concept Art Is Fit For A King

Kong: Skull Island ruled the box office this weekend, thanks in large part to the scope and audacity of the film. It's just insanely big, fun and colourful — all of which comes across in a stunning set of concept art from the film.

Concept art for Kong: Skull Island by artist Eddie Del Rio. All Images: Eddie Del Rio

The art is by designer Eddie Del Rio and, in a pretty unique spin for most concept art, if you've seen the film you'll recognise most of this almost instantly. Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts used many of these compositions and colours almost exactly. Check them out.

Now, most of that is in the film in some way. These below images, however, aren't. They tease an idea of Kong as a more literal king. An idea that was likely cut.

Very interesting.

For more of Del Rio's work, visit his site. Kong: Skull Island is now in theatres.

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