This Australian Woman Painted A Scene From Legend Of Zelda Onto Her Body

Image: Georgina Ryland / Instagram

Georgina Ryland is a makeup artist and body painter from Brisbane, and she's crazy good at what she does. Alongside some incredible themed pieces for Harry Potter and Star Wars, her latest work brings The Legend of Zelda to life across her chest.

The body art continues a trend of Georgina's, painting scenes from or inspired by pop culture onto her chest and shoulders and neck, usually matched to some equally impressive and arty facial makeup. For my money, though, the artwork — put out in time for the launch of Breath of the Wild — is the most beautiful yet.

Here's a timelapse of the piece coming together:

To see it in all its detail, hit up her Instagram. And here's the absolutely stunning Star Wars and Harry Potter pieces I mentioned before:

Ryland, from Brisbane, has a massive portfolio of some seriously impressive makeup work, including special effects prosthetics. You can check out all of Georgina's awesome work on her Instagram, her Twitter or her website. [Twitter]

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