This Adorably Tiny Game Boy Color Is Made From 3 Components

This Adorably Tiny Game Boy Color Is Made From 3 Components

The Nintendo Switch is all the rage right now, sure, but let’s not forget the company’s classic portable gaming device — the Game Boy. Admittedly, it’s so long in the tooth you could open tanks with its incisors, but it can still bring the fun, especially if someone decided to mod the crap out of it to make it the ultimate take-with-you device. Like, tiny.

Electronic gadget creative Peter Barker decided to strap a small LCD screen to a Raspberry Pi Zero, along with a pair of five-way switches and a battery. The result is an approximation of the Game Boy Color.

Sure, there’s some wiring and a few other bits and pieces involved, but at its core, these three parts make up the whole thing.

The clip above has Barker explaining the build, however, the audio is extremely quiet, so you’ll have to turn up the volume on your system to hear anything.

Thanks to some nifty electronics, the whole thing runs on 250mAh. It’s also not limited to Nintendo games; it runs RetroPie, which can play a bunch of titles from various systems.

Image: Peter Barker

If you’d like more details — perhaps to make one yourself — Barker has a post up on Hackaday.

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