These Skull Logs Are The Perfect Dungeon Decoration

These Skull Logs Are The Perfect Dungeon Decoration

Nothing like a pile of flaming human skulls to give your barbeque that classic, Game of Thrones feel! The perfect dungeon dressing for maniacal evildoers everywhere, Myard’s “DELUXE” cranium-shaped “logs” would be a fantastic purchase… if you could actually buy them.

The logs are “steel reinforced” and “produced with lave granules plus significant heat ceramic refractory”, allowing them to withstand temperatures up to 1650°C, more than enough to handle your average fire.

They’re also hand-painted and come in white, black and brown, adding a personal touch to the otherwise macabre object.

Sadly, neither Amazon nor the seller ship to Australia, so if you’re desperate for your own bone mound, you’ll need to go through a proxy.

Not that it’s a big deal. Each “log” is $US65 (about $85) a pop and considering you’d need five to ten of them — the minimum so as not to be laughed at by your minions — it might be better to pass altogether.

Still, a neat idea.

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