The Team Behind Shin Godzilla's VFX Made A New Monster To Promote Tourism For A Body Of Water

Video: You can't make a headline like that up.

Say hello to Kanseidon up top, an aquatic kaiju cooked up by Shirogumi for a new advertisement promoting the Kanmon Straits, the body of water that separates the Honshu and Kyushu islands of Japan. Because how else do you promote something like this than with a giant monster? Seriously, check out the ad below, which is basically a Kaiju short film (with some amazingly horrendous English voice acting, to boot).

Poor Kanseidon doesn't quite match up to his intimidating appearance, however — the ad shows him being toppled by the current of the straits, which have quite a ferocious reputation in Japan (and are, apparently, a selling point for tourists to come and visit). Who needs giant robots or an army of high-tech soldiers when you can keep your citizens safe from monster attacks with the power of quick moving water?


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