So What Is Actually Going On With The Flash Movie?

So What Is Actually Going On With The Flash Movie?

Warner Bros. has just announced that the Aquaman movie has been pushed back from its original 5 October 2018 US release date to 21 December 2018. But that news has us wondering about the other DC movie that’s meant to be out next year, too: What the hell is up with The Flash?

Image: Warner Bros.

Originally announced for a release date exactly one year from today — 16 March 2018 in the US — we’ve heard progressively less and less about the Flash movie, which is bizarre considering we’ve heard much more about Aquaman, which was always scheduled to be released after The Flash.

What little we have heard doesn’t exactly fill us with confidence that The Flash will hit that 2018 date. The film is currently on the hunt for its third planned director, after both original director Seth Grahame-Smith and his replacement, Rick Famuyiwa, quit the film last year citing “creative differences”. Since then, the silence has been deafening, especially when the time between Ben Affleck announcing he won’t direct The Batman to Matt Reeves joining the movie was a mere two and a half weeks. It’s been three and a half months since Famuyiwa left The Flash and yet, nothing. The singular update we’ve had since Famuyiwa’s departure is a report that Joby Harold had been hired to completely re-write the script for its third time.

What also doesn’t help is that there’s been no official statement about the delay of The Flash movie — which is surely inevitable and expected at this point — from that March 16 release date, which has left rumours to fill the gap that Warner Bros. has left. Forbes‘ Mark Hughes reported last month the movie had been moved to 2019. A recent rumour derived out of a highly untrustworthy 4chan post claims the film won’t be out till 2020. Even general sources your average online moviegoer would use are stumped — a cursory Google search of “Flash Movie” still throws up the March 2018 date. Unreliable but regular source IMDB says 2020. Box Office Mojo doesn’t have a date for the film among its 2018 releases at all.

No one knows anything that’s going on with this movie, and Warner Bros. itself is staying quiet. We reached out to the studio to clarify when The Flash is currently expected to release, but had not received a response at time of writing.