Pregnancy Is Terrifying

Pregnancy Is Terrifying

Hi, regular white man Mark Serrels here. I have a wife and two kids.

Many times during my wife’s pregnancies I thought to myself. It can’t be that bad or — even worse — I could totally do that.

Newsflash: it is that bad.

Newsflash #2: I totally couldn’t do that.

The other day I stumbled across this video:

It’s a terrifying (and good) animation that shows precisely what have another living being inside of you does to your internal organs. TL;DR it makes them move. A lot.

The video is part of the Make Way For Baby project at the Museum of Science and Industry Chicago. You can mess around with an interactive thing much like the above video.

Have a mess around with it then apologise to your mother for messing around with liver so damn much, you filthy disgusting organ-shifting parasites.