No One Tell This Adorable Little Girl The Truth About Her New Robot Friend

Video: After you watch this video of an adorable little girl named Rayna greeting and hugging a new robot friend, you'll come to the realisation it will never hug or love her back — because it's actually a discarded water heater. (Sad!) Shortly after that, you'll also come to the realisation that kids clearly aren't being raised with a proper fear and respect of robots.

Image: YouTube 

There's little doubt humanity is staring down a future where we'll live and work alongside robots, but we can't get too comfortable with them. Children of the '80s had Transformers to teach them to always keep bots at a safe distance, but future generations clearly aren't getting the same message as they grow up. Before you know it they will be voting in a robot for US president, and you can kiss humanity-helping healthcare goodbye all together. Oh, wait.

[YouTube via Tastefully Offensive]

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