'Night Into Day' Is Ferrari's Stunning Australian Video For The California T

Image: Ferrari

Imagine driving across Australia. Imagine driving a Ferrari across Australia. This minute-long film takes in everything from the Sydney Harbour Bridge to Broken Hill.

Put together by a team lead by Benjamin Gartland of Bengar Films, Night into Day has no words, and no acting — just a California T and its supremely lovely engine note, set to some electrifying background music. You see the car passing through Sydney's CBD under the cover of darkness, then emerging into sunlight on the red dust of Broken Hill's landscape.

It's really quite something. From Ferrari:

‘Night into Day’ is a cinematic interpretation of the sublime sportiness, versatility and exclusivity of the Ferrari California T; the film amplifies the relationship between car and the iconic Australian landscape to highlight the undeniable driving performance of this vehicle.

You can also watch the entire video at Ferrari's website here. [YouTube]

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