Just Give This Artist And His Hypnotic Animated Business Cards All The Graphic Design Jobs

Video: In the corporate world, business cards are rarely nothing more than empty white rectangles with a few words printed on them. But when you're a graphic designer like Drew Tetz, your business card is an opportunity to show off exactly what you do for a living, and make everyone stop and say, "Wow!"

If Drew ever hands you one of his business cards, drop everything and find yourself a record player, because when spun and viewed through a smartphone's camera app, his card appears to come to life. How does it work? It's a simplified version of an 1800s motion picture machine called a Phenakistoscope. You don't need antique hardware to recreate the animation effect, however, just lots of light, something that spins, and the phone that's already in your pocket.

[YouTube via The Awesomer]

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