Genius Behind Suicide Squad Claims Trump Has ‘Perfect Genes’ And Doesn’t Eat McDonald’s

Genius Behind Suicide Squad Claims Trump Has ‘Perfect Genes’ And Doesn’t Eat McDonald’s

US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, the Trump appointee also known as one of the executive producers of the Oscar-winning (*shudder*) film Suicide Squad, was interviewed by Axios’s Mike Allen on Friday, and he had some insane things to say about the US president.

Image: Instagram / Donald Trump

The interview was ostensibly about Mnuchin’s role in the Trump cabinet, but (as is so often the case these days) the conversation ended up primarily concerning Trump himself, including his alleged dietary habits and “perfect genes”.

After Mnuchin bragged about Trump’s stamina and overall fitness, Allen asked, “Given his diet and exercise, how does he pull that off?”

“He’s got perfect genes,” answered Mnuchin, silencing the previously laughing crowd. When asked to elaborate on the strangely eugenicist comment, Mnuchin only repeated his claim that the president is “unbelievably healthy”.

Disturbingly, Mnuchin is not alone in his flirtation with social Darwinism. During an interview with Oprah Winfrey, Trump once said, “You have to be born lucky, in the sense that you have to have the right genes.” And in 2010, he attributed his success not to his family fortune, but genetics, telling CNN, “I’m a gene believer… hey, when you connect two race horses, you usually end up with a fast horse.”

Mnuchin, however, wasn’t done making questionable claims about the US president. After Allen asked the Treasury Secretary about his own dietary habits — calling out Trump’s favourite chicken place, KFC, in the process — Mnuchin struck back.

“Well, let me just tell you since [Trump] got to the White House, he doesn’t eat KFC anymore and McDonald’s,” said Mnuchin. “There is great food there. Let me tell you the chefs there are great!”

If true, however, that means we won’t be seeing any more charming photos like this:

It’s important to note that although Steve Mnuchin has a strong background in finance (and in collecting money for bad Brett Ratner movies), he is not a doctor. Therefore we should all ignore his inane comments on “perfect genes”. Trump already has a crazy doctor, he doesn’t need a second one.