Buy A LG G6, Get A Free TV

Now here's a pretty damn tempting deal: when you pre-order an LG G6 through Telstra, you'll also be signing up for a free 43-inch 1080p LED TV worth $1099.

Telstra's Outright And Plan Pricing For The LG G6: Report

You're still going to have to wait until the end of the month to get your hands on LG's latest smartphone, the G6, but at least we know how much the device will (supposedly) cost, so you can decide whether or not you even want one.

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The LG G6 will only be sold exclusively through Telstra in Australia -- if you want it on a plan, at least. Starting from tomorrow, you'll be able to pre-order the G6 at Telstra until its launch on the 28th of March. If you buy one between the 22nd and the 9th of May, though, LG will give you a free 43-inch LH600T Full HD LED TV worth $1099.

For a phone that's worth $1000 itself, that's a pretty compelling offer.

All the details are here on Telstra's website and also here on LG's website. [Telstra / LG]

The LG G6 Is The Start Of A New Era Of Smartphones

It might look the same, but it's not the same. Last year's LG G5 tried -- unsuccessfully -- to get the world interested in modular smartphones, and this year LG's aim is at the same time a little more restrained and a little more bold. Built around a 18.9 ratio display, the G6's form factor is completely different to the phones we're all already using.

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    "free 43-inch 1080p LED TV worth $1099"

    Considering the 4k version is only $850 I highly doubt this TV is "worth" $1099!!

    Probably more like $500, you'll end up paying more than that in Telstra Tax for a 24 month contract!

    Still, better than nothing!

      I was thinking the same thing. I can't imagine a 1080p 43" TV is worth over a grand these days. Found it listed at the good guys but they're out of stock and not listing a price :( RT edwards lists it at $849, Myer for $749. So it's already $350 lower than the ad.

      That said, it's not a terrible deal, make a nice TV for the spare room or something. If it was 4k it'd be fabulous deal.

        These sorts of things tend to base their value claim on RRP, and to be fair most offers like this are pretty consistent with that. But I was going to say the same as you about what a basic search brings up. In short, RRP is rarely what its actually worth at retail, especially for offers like this.

        Its simply getting rid of dead stock, nothing more, and for that, its not a terrible offer.

    Can't believe they sold out to Telstra. How does one think they will make more sales by being exclusive?

      Worked out for Google going exclusive

    I was at the end of my 2 year Telstra contract and looked for what they could offer after I had had Samsung Galaxy mobiles for the past 4 years. I found that they would offer an LG G6 mobile with a plan including supply of a free 43-inch 1080p LED TV worth $1099
    This looked like a great offer but they advised that it could take 3 months before they would supply the TV and because it sounded like a good plan I accepted it and received the Mobile in 3 days. It is now 3 months since this happened and I have been disputed by LG who said that I would not receive it.
    I have been back and forth to them over this time and decided to put it to Telstra and Consumer Affairs for them to sort it out. I received an email back from LG "Thank you for applying for entry into the LG G6 Promotion 2017.

    "Your claim has been received and validated!

    Delivery of the TVs will commence from 22 May 2017 and may take up to six weeks from that date. We will send you another email once the TV is on its way to you."
    Not too positive so I will look forward to receiving the email saying the TV will be delivered????

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