What Major Villain Could Teri Hatcher Be Playing On Supergirl?

What Major Villain Could Teri Hatcher Be Playing On Supergirl?

Aquaman could be close to casting Arthur Curry’s mother. Maisie Williams teases a “huge cliffhanger” for Game of Thrones‘ season finale. We have the reason why you shouldn’t put too much stock in the latest rumours about Peter Capaldi’s Doctor Who replacement. Plus, new footage from A Cure for Wellness. To me, my spoilers!


Nicole Kidman has reportedly entered talks to join the film. If she signs on, Kidman would play Aquaman’s mother, Atlanna, a member of the Atlantean royal family. [THR]

A Cure for Wellness

A new clip from the film does for sensory deprivation tanks what… well, Altered States also did for sensory deprivation tanks.


Teri Hatcher has joined the series in a major role, and will play the currently undisclosed archvillain for the remainder of season two. Time-displaced version of Lois from Lois & Clark gone bad? Who knows! Start speculating in the comments. [TV Guide]

The Flash

Benj Pasek and Justin Paul, the songwriting team behind La La Land‘s “City of Stars”, have written an original song for the musical episode called “Runnin’ Home to You” — which, naturally, will be performed by Grant Gustin. [TV Line]


Showrunner Wendy Mericle teases what will be going through Artemis’ mind when she returns to the show:

We have a really cool, exciting twist for how she’s going to reappear. The interesting thing about the choices Evelyn has made is that as much as she took the moral high ground when confronting Oliver, she has allied herself with someone who is even worse… she’s gone from the frying pan into the fire.

[TV Line]

Doctor Who

Peter Capaldi’s shocking departure from the series may just be two days old, but there’s already speculation as to who could take on the role of the Doctor after him. Unfortunately, it’s pretty bad speculation — the rumour being that Bond‘s Ben Whishaw is already the hot favourite to take Capaldi’s place in the TARDIS, mainly because British bookmakers have started taking 6/1 odds on the actor scoring the role.

The thing is, while bookie odds can usually be a good indicator for casting a popular role like the Doctor in the UK, we’re so far out from any possible casting announcement that they’re simply not reliable yet — Capaldi himself, for example, only came soaring up in the odds at bookies out of nowhere just days before he was announced as the Twelfth Doctor. So for now, take any bookmaker talk with a heaping handful of salt. [EW]

Game of Thrones

Maisie Williams teases a “huge cliffhanger” for the next season’s finale, and says the season itself is a big build-up of characters and storyarcs coming together:

It’s just kind of tumbling now. We’ve come to the climax and it’s rolling down to the end. It’s exciting. I really felt like at the end of last season everything was set up for how it was going to end. Every character came to a little junction in their lives. Now we’re all going to crash down together to however this show ends.

[Time Out]

The Walking Dead

Showrunner Scott Gimple offers a cryptic tease for the show’s midseason return:

It propels us into a very different half season from the one before it. Before the end of that very first episode back, you will see Rick Grimes smile.


Stranger Things

David Harbour says he’s received his first scripts for the second season:

I got the first script of season two, and the first five minutes I was on my feet going, ‘Yes! Yes!’ Because they open up the world in such a new way. And these characters that I feel like are so iconic, and that we love so deeply, get to really go on different arcs and different journeys and explore these little things that we touched on in their personalities and psychologies. And we get to really expand on that… I really do think it’s going to be thrilling. And you can tweet at me that I’m an idiot if it’s not.

[Vanity Fair]


The Penguin/Riddler rivalry will play out for the duration of the season, according to executive producer John Stephens:

From [episodes] 15 to 22, it’s two people out in the open who used to be friends and now want to destroy one another. That war between them, between two people who are best friends but also at war, plays through the whole season.

The thing about it is [Cory and Robin] both play their characters of such levels of complexity that they can play, ‘I hate you, I’m going to kill you, but you’re also my best friend.’ It’s never one note, so you always get that push pull,” Stephens said.

I feel like, if this show survives years and years, they might be apart but we have to imagine that situations will bring them back together because they are like souls. At the end of the day, these two have more in common than anyone else on the show. They will probably find their way back together, and when they get back together it will be all the more gratifying because they were apart for each other.

[TV Guide]


Van screws up and Emily tries to bargain with the people of Atlantis in a new synopsis for “Sinking Day”.

When the team loses a client due to Van’s (Alan Tudyk) incompetence, Emily (Vanessa Hudgens) seeks to clinch a deal with the people of Atlantis. Because of his massive screw up, Van’s father (guest star Corbin Bernsen) takes notice and sets him on a path to redeem himself. Meanwhile, new employee Alex (guest star Matthew Atkinson) starts at the office and Teddy (Danny Pudi) and Ron (Ron Funches) are convinced he is a superhero.

[Spoiler TV]

Emerald City

The Wizard and Langwidere head to a standoff in a synopsis for episode nine, “The Villain That’s Become”.

As the Wizard (Vincent D’Onofrio) arrives in the Kingdom of Ev, an intense negotiation may lead to a standoff with Langwidere (guest star Stefanie Martini). Dorothy (Adria Arjona) and Lucas (Oliver Jackson-Cohen) find themselves on opposite sides. Meanwhile, Jack (Gerran Howell) makes a decision that may have deadly consequences. Elsewhere, Tip (Jordan Loughran) and West (Ana Ularu) solidify their bond and mount a battle of their own.

[Spoiler TV]


Dominic Cooper shares some slightly NSFW bodily viscera to confirm that production has begun on season two.

Tangled: The Series

Finally, the voice cast for the ongoing series that will follow the upcoming animated TV movie sequel has been confirmed. Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi will return as Rapunzel and Flynn, and will be joined by — big breath! — Eden Espinosa, Clancy Brown, Jeffrey Tambor, Sean Hayes, Jeremy Jordan, Jeff Ross, Richard Kind, Paul F. Tompkins, Jonathan Banks, Peter MacNicol, Diedrich Bader, M.C. Gainey, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Pat Carroll, Charles Halford, Steve Blum and James Monroe Iglehart. Phew! [EW]

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