Timezone Is Making A Comeback

Timezone Is Making A Comeback

Hands up if you spent the vast majority of your teenage years scraping together coins to get to the next round on Time Crisis, smash your mates into walls while you drive to victory on Daytona, or beat your high score on Dance Dance Revolution.

Well, my friend, do I have good news for you. Far from dying out, iconic arcade Timezone is planning to double its venues across Australia and Asia. Double.

As reported by SMH, Timezone currently has 186 stores worldwide, with eight in New Zealand, eight in Singapore, 25 in India, 50 in the Philippines and 70 stores in Indonesia.

Up until the 1990’s, Timezone had around 50 stores in Australia, then they started closing down. But just last year, five new venues were opened – and more have been announced.

The new venues are planning to offer more than just the classics – expect to see laser tag and bowling thrown in the mix.

*crosses fingers for Wonder Boy*