The Most Amazing Marvel Figures Seen At Toy Fair This Year

The Most Amazing Marvel Figures Seen At Toy Fair This Year

Hasbro revealed a ton of new Marvel toys at Toy Fair this year — covering everything from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, to comic book favourites. The thing I might be most excited by however is this A-Force six pack, but with both Monica Rambeau and Elsa Bloodstone, it might as well be the Nextwave figure set of my dreams.

Nextwave is, unequivocally, premiere British monster hunter as they appeared in the classic Warren Ellis/Stuart Immonen book makes this a total must have in my book. The fact you also get She-Hulk, Lady Sif, the female Loki, and A-Force newcomer Singularity is just an added bonus. While I go and desperately pray for Aaron, Tabitha, and the Captain to get 6″ figures too, here’s the rest of the totally awesome Marvel figures teased by Hasbro this year.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

With the movie fast approaching, Hasbro had a ton of toys featuring the cosmos’ favourite a-holes on display. First up were two exclusive sets — the Entertainment Earth Star-Lord and Ego pack we saw yesterday, and another Toys R Us pack, the “Evolution of Groot”.

The triptych of Groots includes a 6″ scaled version of Groot from the first movie, baby Groot in his plant pot, and “toddler” Groot as he appears in the sequel.

Also on display were the second wave of figures inspired by the film. The 7 figure-roster includes four characters from the movie — Star-Lord in his long coat, Gamora, Nebula, and an all-new-and-improved Rocket Raccoon (who also comes with a tiny Groot, in his Ravager uniform) — and three comic book characters from the world of the Marvel cosmic — Adam Warlock, Death’s Head II, and super-obscure Ex Nihilo.

Collecting the full wave of toys will get you the parts to build a Mantis figure, based on her appearance in the new movie.

12 Inch Marvel Legends

The jumbo-sized version of Hasbro’s action figures got a hearty shot in the arm in the form of three new additions: Thor, Hulk, and Deadpool, who all come with a bunch of accessories, ranging from alternate heads to, yes, chimichangas (bet you can’t who comes with that one).

Also revealed was a new alternate paint job for the 12″ Spider-Man exclusive to Target — this time clad in all black for his iconic symbiote suit.

Spider-Man: Homecoming

We’ve already seen the movie side of the first wave of Spider-Man: Homecoming figures — the Vulture, Spidey with his web-wings, and the wonderfully rubbish-looking “prototype” suit Peter builds — but Hasbro also announced the comic book figures that will pad out the rest of the wave at Toy Fair this year.

The Marvel Now! version of Moon Knight, Tombstone, Beetle, and the Captain Universe Spider-Man will round out the set — and as we previously learned, collecting all the figures won’t give you a figure as per usual with the Marvel Legends waves. This time it will build the humongous wing pack for the Vulture figure.

Marvel Comics

Aside from the A-Force pack, Marvel also teased a few more action figures directly inspired by the comics. First up, Walgreens will get not one, but two exclusive Fantastic Four figures — Sue Storm, complete with HERBIE the robot, and also her brother Johnny, the Human Torch.

Most wonderfully of all though, was a teaser for the Thor: Ragnarok line coming later this year: the confirmation that, finally, the Jane Foster incarnation of Thor would be getting her own 6″ figure.

Netflix Marvel Legends

Finally, although we’d already seen both Jessica Jones and the Punisher at San Diego Comic-Con last year, Hasbro revealed two more figures in its wave based on the Marvel Netflix shows — Daredevil in his updated season two look, and Elektra. Hopefully Luke and Danny Rand will get to join in on the toy fun soon enough.

All these new Marvel figures are expected to be out by the end of this year, so start girding your wallet now if you plan on picking a few up.