Telstra’s Network Outage Is Sending SMS Messages To Wrong Numbers

Telstra’s Network Outage Is Sending SMS Messages To Wrong Numbers

Well, this is a weird one. Telstra’s network outage has meant that SMS messages from the telco’s mobile customers have been sent to the wrong number. Telstra has taken the step of holding back all SMS messages as it investigates.

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If you sent a SMS in the last few hours — using actual SMS, rather than a data messaging service like Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp — there’s a good chance that it did not make it to its intended delivery point.

As you can see in the tweet below, SMS messages are being delivered to numbers other than the ones they’ve been intended for:

Telstra has switched off SMS message delivery while it investigates, meaning all messages sent from Telstra phones will be held and delivered to their original intended recipients — hopefully — at a later time. We’ll update you when we know that SMS messaging has been re-enabled at Telstra’s mobile exchanges.

Telstra’s official statement is below:

“As a result of the Chatswood Exchange fire today it’s possible some SMS messages have been incorrectly delivered. As mentioned previously customers won’t be receiving SMS messages in the short term while we resolve this issue.”

This is a great opportunity to switch over to an over-the-top messaging service like Signal, too. OTT messaging uses data, so you’re