Tesla Powerwall (And Solar) Saved An Aussie Household 92.2% On Their Electricity Bill

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$2,110.46 - that's how much the Pfitzner family says they have saved in power bills since installing a Tesla Powerwall 12 months ago, with the yearly bill for 2016 coming in at $178.71. The Sydney residents, who were the first in the world to install a Powerwall on their home, claim to now pay just 50 cents a day for electricity.

Prior to installation, Nick Pfitzner says the average quarterly energy costs for the four bedroom home (with a pool) were $572.29 throughout 2015. Throughout 2016, they came in at $44.68 per quarter.

Natural Solar, who installed the $16,000 5kw system say that this isn't an unusual occurrence. "Across the board, families who have adopted battery power in 2016 have seen a reduction in their energy bills of 80-90 per cent," said Managing Director Chris Wiiliams.

Williams says the return on investment time for a Tesla Powerwall installation (just the Powerwall - not including the panels), previously thought to be around 20 years, can now be expected to be 6 years. It comes with a 10 year warranty, and the panels 25 years.

When Tesla's Powerwall Can Save You Money

Thanks to Natural Solar and the Pfitzner family, we now have real-world usage figures from a solar panel setup and Powerwall combination system. While promising, the announcement was a little light on in details, so we got a hold of the full figures and did a number crunching analysis of the results. So is the setup worth it?

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