Looks Like Tony Stark Has Yet Another New Suit In Spider-Man: Homecoming

Looks Like Tony Stark Has Yet Another New Suit In Spider-Man: Homecoming

Sure, Tony Stark changes his Iron Man suit roughly every other minute in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But a new batch of Spider-Man: Homecoming figures seems to confirm that his latest one is a bit more of a radical departure from his usual cinematic looks.

The latest Homecoming toy reveal from Hasbro is for its line of 15cm Marvel Legends action figures. The Vulture — complete with gigantic “build-a-figure” wings that require you to buy every other figure in his wave to get all the pieces — is something we’ve seen before, but now we know he’ll now be joined by 15cm versions of Spider-Man with his web-wings attached to his suit, and of the goofy-looking homemade suit Peter made before Tony designed his threads for Civil War.

Yup, still looks goofy as hell.

But the most interesting toy Hasbro revealed today is a two-pack of figures for the movie featuring Spider-Man — who will come with an alternate head styled after Tom Holland’s appearance in the movie — and Iron Man, revealing that Tony will be wearing a new set of armour that features sections painted predominantly black.

It looks weird, but at the same time, feels like a clear homage to the first suit Iron Man wore in the Ultimate Marvel universe, which is a pretty neat touch. These Spider-Man: Homecoming figures will be out in autumn, with the two-pack of Peter and Tony expected to hit shelves sometime in spring.