Hot Toys Debuts Suicide Squad Batman Figure, And His Cape Is Fabulous

Not since Tuxedo Mask have we seen a hero with such epic control over the sassiness of his cape.

Hot Toys has debuted its latest Batman figure, based on his brief appearance in Suicide Squad. The figure itself is relatively similar in appearance to the Hot Toys Batflecks from Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, with one exception: His cape is made of dreams. This figure boasts a wired cape that can be posed in any number of ways. Which means you can give him epic Batfleck moments like the foreboding Wings of Justice.

The crotch-forward Captain Morgan stance.

And...whatever this is. Bad prom dress regret?

The figure has some other features, like 30 points of articulation, some interchangeable hand and eye pieces, as well as a variety of weapons, but who the fuck cares when you can literally make Batman fly on the wings of an angel. After that, nothing else matters, other than the epic journeys he can take you on. The figure is set to come out sometime later this year. No word on price yet, but typically Hot Toys figures cost between $US200 ($261) and $US300 ($391).

[Heroic Hollywood]

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