Here Are The Stars Of Marvel’s Runaways TV Show

Here Are The Stars Of Marvel’s Runaways TV Show

In August last year, Marvel announced it would be bringing Brian K. Vaughan and Adrian Alphona’s beloved teen comic series Runaways to Hulu. Now we know just which Runaways are heading to live action, and just who’s playing them.

Marvel has confirmed that the primary cast of the show will indeed be the same team that appeared in the seminal 2003 series — Alex Wilder, Nico Minoru, Karolina Dean, Gertrude Yorkes (known as Gert), Chase Stein and Molly Hayes, who has been renamed Molly Hernandez for the show. In the series, the Runaways were a group of teenagers who were lifelong best friends, forced to go on the run when they discovered that all of their parents are actually members of a supervillain team called the Pride.

Rhenzy Feliz, Lyrica Okano, and Virginia Gardner. All images courtesy of Marvel.

Rhenzy Feliz will play Alex, described as a lonely nerd who loves video games; Lyrica Okano will play Nico, a “budding Wiccan” with a “carefully crafted” goth aesthetic; and Virginia Gardner will play Karolina, a teen trapped by the expectations of her parents. Ariela Barer will play Gert, “a purple-haired, bespectacled, contemporary riot grrrl” with a strong sense of social justice; Gregg Sulkin will play Chase, a typical high-school jock but with a brilliant passion for engineering; and finally, Allegra Acosta will play Molly, the youngest of the group of friends.

Ariela Barer, Gregg Sulkin and Allegra Acosta. All images via Marvel.

There was no announcement of when to expect Runaways on the streaming service, or if it will be available in Australia, but we’ll bring you more on Marvel’s first Hulu series when we learn it.