First Peek At The New Giant Robots Of Pacific Rim: Uprising

First Peek At The New Giant Robots Of Pacific Rim: Uprising

There’s new hope for a Dredd sequel, and possibly more Firefly. Rampage may have found its Lizzie and Ralph. Plus, Matt Nix’s X-Men TV series casts its first mutant, new viral footage from Logan, and the future of River Song on Doctor Who. Spoilers now!

Pacific Rim: Uprising

New scans from a licensing magazine released ahead of next week’s New York Toy Fair purportedly show three of the new Jaegers that will appear in the film — including a new one that looks a hell of a lot like a successor to the primary Jaeger of the first movie, Gypsy Danger. She kind of looks like Gypsy Danger and Reinhardt from Overwatch had a big, mechanised baby, and I love it.


Joe Mangianello and Marley Shelton are in talks to star alongside Dwayne Johnson and Naomie Harris in a film adaptation of the Midway arcade game. All we know about their characters so far is that Manganiello plays the “leader of a private military group” while Harris plays an “astronaut/scientist”. [THR]

Dredd 2

Producer Adi Shankar told Collider that he’s going to make the sequel happen, even if it has to be animated.

If anyone is still wondering, there’s no update on a Dredd sequel, but I’m gonna make it happen at some point. It may not be live-action, but it’s going to happen at some point. There will be more Judge Dredd at some point.

Kong: Skull Island

Another new poster reminds us of the movie’s Vietnam War setting.

Two new TV spots have been released, that would also love to remind you that this a Vietnam-era tale. They’re really going all-in with the aesthetic, aren’t they?


Here’s a new viral video covering Logan’s incredibly glum backstory in the run up to the film — as well as explaining how he got that black car that’s been in all the trailers.

Mary Poppins Returns

Production on the film has commenced at Shepperton Studios in England.[Coming Soon]

Justice League

Wondering what Atlantis looks like? Mark Hughes of Forbes — the man behind those recent, disconcerting rumours about the state of The Batman — has the answer.


According to Entertainment Weekly, Blair Redford is the first mutant to be cast in Bryan Singer’s family-oriented X-Men TV series. He will be playing “Sam”, the “strong headed Native American leader of the underground network”.

The name “Sam” will have New Mutants fans thinking of its Southern team leader, Sam Guthrie, AKA Cannonball — although the character description emphasises Redford will be playing a Native American, which Cannonball has never before been depicted as being. There have been a few Native American X-Men, but the most likely choice for a series lead would definitely be Forge, a mutant with the ability to build whatever he puts his mind to. Forge’s real name has never been revealed in the comics, so the character being named Sam doesn’t necessarily bar Redford’s character from potentially being Forge. Speculate away!


Fox’s Broadcasting President of Entertainment told Rotten Tomatoes last month that he’s “open” to producing more episodes of Firefly if Joss Whedon is ready to revisit it, a state of affairs that has not really changed recently, despite the resurgence of this month-old news this week would lead you to believe.

Channel Zero

The series has been renewed for a third and fourth season at Syfy. No word yet on which popular “Creepypastas” will be adapted in the forthcoming seasons, but here’s hoping for a six-episode interpretation of Rap Rat.

(He’s the boss.)

[Spoiler TV]


The Netflix series has also been renewed for a second season, and will feature some of the last recorded voice work of the late Anton Yelchin. According to Guillermo del Toro, “a really large part” of the season will still feature Yelchin in the lead role of Jim. [EW]

The Inhumans

According to Pacific Business News, the series will film sequences in Hawaii, primarily at a former Navy Air Station.

Doctor Who

Steven Moffat says not to expect River Song back while he’s still showrunner:

Well, yes, that does seem like the end to me. Except, of course, it isn’t, and can’t be. There’s always the chance that River will show up again, at some other point in her timeline, with a stolen camel, seven more husbands, and a nuclear submarine.

Big Finish isn’t done with her, I believe, and any reason to get Alex Kingston back in action is a good one.

But for me, I think, I’m done. Back when I thought I might be leaving at the end of 2015, I specifically planned the Darillium scene as my goodbye — bringing everything full circle, to the moment (in Forest of the Dead) just before I took over.

[Den of Geek]

Stranger Things

Entertainment Weekly has some new stills from the second season — you can find more at the link.


The Luthor ladies scheme away in new images from the next episode, suitably titled, “The Luthors”. [Coming Soon]


Likewise, new images from Wild Dog’s origin episode, “Spectre of the Gun”, have been released. [Buddy TV]

The Magicians

A new synopsis for episode five of the season, “Cheat Day”, has been released.

Quentin adjusts to his new life; Penny seeks help from an unexpected source; Eliot and Margo contend with the dangers of ruling; Julia and Kady discover another consequence of Reynard’s attack.

[Spoiler TV]

The 100

Finally, things get biblical in the official synopsis for season four’s third episode, “The Four Horsemen”.

Jaha (Isaiah Washington) leads Clarke (Eliza Taylor) and Bellamy (Bob Morley) down a road to possible salvation while tensions rise in Arkadia and Polis.

[Spoiler TV]

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