Everyone's Smiling When The Dark Knight Joker And Suicide Squad Joker Fight To The Death 

Video: As played by the late Heath Ledger in Batman: The Dark Knight and Jared Leto in Suicide Squad, the latest recent live-action versions of the Joker have been among the most debated iterations of the character. A new fan-produced short has them fighting each other.

The folks at the ismahawk YouTube channel throw two very different takes on Batman's archenemy at each other in a new video. While the impersonations leave something to be desired, you do get a sense of how divergent each Joker is from the other. Suicide Squad Joker makes a loud, flashy entrance and seems to be more of a strategic squad-leader type, whereas The Dark Knight Joker comes off as more improvisatory and chaotic. Of course, only one of them gets to win, and there's a little twist that makes the victory sting a whole lot more for the clown who loses.


    Saw the tittle image and thought it was the crow for a second.

    Edit: stupid samsung dictionary.

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