Energy Australia 'Worried' About High Bills After Heatwave, Says Renewables Are 'The Solution'

Image: iStock

One of Australia's biggest operators of coal-fired power stations, Energy Australia, has come out and said the solution to reducing customers' bills is a transition to renewable energy.

As reported by ABC, managing director Catherine Tanna says she is "worried" about what will happen to customer's bills after the recent heatwave in Eastern Australia.

"We've seen that customers over the weekend in some places in Australia used 25 per cent more than usual," she said. "In a couple of months when these bills turn up they are going to get a surprise and I am worried about that because I know that the cost of living is a concern for them."

Renewables are the long term solution, Tanna said. The currently cheaper forms of electricity (coal, mainly) will be retiring in the next 20 years is a "reality" and a transition plan to renewables is the way forward to avoid higher bills.

You can see Tanna's full interview here.

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