Vine Website Transformed Into Video Archive (And Clearly Not Dead)

Image: Vine

Vine was dead. Then it sort-of wasn't. Now? It's definitely not, at least for the site itself. Owner Twitter has decided that rather than take it down, it'll become a permanent archive instead.

In a brief post via Medium, Vine not only announced that availability of its new camera app for iOS and Android, but that the Vine website has been converted into a content "time capsule":

Today, we made an update to the website: the Vine Archive is a time capsule of all posts made to from 2013–2017. Jump into a classic meme, have a laugh, or look up a profile.

So, technically, Vine is very much alive. However, the site itself has been stripped of its former video-sharing functionality, as the dedicated FAQ explains:

The website became the Vine Archive — a time capsule of all Vines that were created through the Vine app so you can continue to browse them. The archive does not support any of the community features from Vine such as followers, revines, likes, or comments. You can watch Vines on (or elsewhere that URL might be embedded), share Vines via their unique URL, and log in to your account.

If you want to check out the new camera app, it's a free download on the App Store and Google Play.

[Medium, via TechCrunch]

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