There’s A New Aussie Dating App That Matches You With Activities

There’s A New Aussie Dating App That Matches You With Activities
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Want to do a cooking class? Hit up a festival, see a musical, go sky-diving? Now, would you like a date with that?

This is what Epic Catch does online, and now it is available on mobile. The app matches you to what you want to do, then who’d you’d want to do…it with. Yay, activities!

In the app you pick your activity, what time and date you want to do it on, see who else is interested in the chosen activity, and extend an invite to whoever catches your eye via a messaging system. Bookings and payments for the dates are all managed through the app.

“We want to make it easier and faster to reach out to someone new and explore the best your city has to offer in a way that is personalised to your interests,” said Meray Azar, founder of Epic Catch. “We are constantly adding new experiences and events, so there is always something new to try, and always someone to go with you!”

Azar says the goal of Epic Catch is to make the process of connecting less intimidating whilst building relationships based on shared interests.

“Unlike standard dating or meet-up platforms, Epic Catch focuses on bringing two people together over an activity that they both find appealing”.

This takes away a lot of the pressure often associated with online dating or joining a larger, established group, Azar says. “There is no risk of being the odd one out or any unnecessary expectation other than to have fun. This allows friendship to blossom, and in some cases, even love.”

It’s currently only available on iOS for Sydney and Melbourne dates (and is free right now), but it will be released on Android later in the year, and extend to other “major Australian cities”. Brisbane is first on the list.