That Gif Of Meryl Streep Mocking A Disabled Person Is Totally Fake

Have you seen this shocking clip of Meryl Streep making fun of a disabled person? Well, unlike the clip of Donald Trump, this one is actually fake.

Meryl Streep telling Conan O'Brien about how she was afraid on the set of the 1985 film Out of Africa (NBC)

Back in 2015, Donald Trump mocked a disabled reporter at a campaign event. He flailed his arms around, mimicking Serge Kovaleski from the New York Times. As you probably know, actress Meryl Streep recently condemned Trump (without using his name) for this obscene ridicule at the Golden Globe Awards.

Now, some conspiracy-minded folks have created a new gif of Streep supposedly making fun of someone who's mentally challenged. The problem, however, is that it's taken completely out of context.

Radio personality Kayla Vas posted the gif showing Streep just yesterday, and it's already going viral. Well, in some circles, at least.

But as Twitter user Erik Patterson points out, the clip of Streep actually comes from the 27 July 2009 episode of The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien. She was promoting her film Julie & Julia and she was actually talking about filming with a lion in the 1985 film Out of Africa.

You can fast forward to minute 6:12 where she talks about getting terrified working with a lion that had been off its leash.

As you can see from the clip, Streep isn't making fun of anyone, aside from maybe herself for putting her hands up in shock that the lion, which had previously been on a leash, was now charging towards her.

People have tried to point out to Kayla Vas that the clip is out of context and doesn't show Streep mocking a disabled person. But Vas doesn't seem to care, calling anyone who questions it "brainwashed".

OK, cool, glad we got that sorted out.

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    Trumpsers have learned a perilous lesson from their idol: If you tell a lie (doesn't even have to be convincing) to people who already agree with you about people and causes on "the other side", they will swallow it whole and parrot it back until it goes viral and becomes a "known fact". Once it reaches that point, you can rub the true reality on their faces and they'll be able to dismiss it because "thousands of people couldn't be wrong about it", so it must be you the one with the fake information, no doubt sourced from the disgusting and lying "liberal media".

    What you just described is American politics as a whole.
    Both sides know this fact, it clearly doesn't bother them.

    Its hilarious watching them bicker, desperately trying to delude themselves that they are now better/worse off.

    Meanwhile, the government moves along, unhindered by the illusion of transfer. The industrial-military congressional-machine doesn't even stop to take a breath while the nation squabbles.

    I don't know why I do, I do, I know i shouldn't, but for some unexplained reason I just have the click the bait... For the love of tech, I don't care about Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton or weather the cast of that TV show had the correct balance of Melanin, Non-Binary to CIS to Unicorn ratio or what other made up bollocks people come up with out of Tumblr this week. I just want to know if its good, can we just leave it at that is it to much to ask.

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