Lunch Time Deals: 1TB PS4 Pro For $529

Lunch Time Deals: 1TB PS4 Pro For $529

If you’re looking for a Playstation 4 Pro to pick up in your lunch break, a trek to Big W might be a good idea. It was $559, but now $529 gets you the 1TB console.

Note: This article was originally titled “Lunch Time Deals: 1TB PS4 Pro, Dishonored 2, Skyrim And Fallout 4 For $529” and included information about the games in the bundle. We have since been made aware the image of the games was included on the Big W site in error, and have edited this article accordingly.

You can find the deal at Big W online here.

If you’re not sure about the PS4 being right for you, you can read our review here and decide for yourself.

Shout out to Shannon at Press Start for bringing this deal to our attention.