Good Game Has Been Cancelled

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ABC2’s Good Game, Australia’s longest running television show about video games, has been cancelled.

Announced today, the decision to axe Good Game appeared to come as a last-minute shock to its production team. Host Stephanie “Hex” Bendixsen said at the end of December’s season finale that the show would return mid-February. The Good Game website still states that 2017 episodes will be “available soon”. And up until last Monday, Good Game’s Twitter seemed to believe that they were returning as well.

Unfortunately, it is not to be, and season 10’s finale will now be the series finale.

Good Game’s children’s show on ABC ME, Good Game: Spawn Point, will continue, albeit in an as yet unspecified alternate format. Good Game: Spawn Point debuted on 20 February 2010, and only reviews games rated G or PG.

Hosted by Steven “Bajo” O’Donnell and Stephanie “Hex” Bendixsen, Good Game was created in 2006 by Janet “Sydski” Carr, Michael “Kapowski” Makowski and Jeremy “Junglist” Ray.

Good Game celebrated its 10th anniversary last September with an hour-long birthday special in front of a live audience, which seemed to indicate that it was only going from strength to strength. There was a recent production shake-up, with Carr moving on from her role as Executive Producer at the end of last year, but a replacement had been instated. There was no indication the show would not continue.

The show’s cancellation was attributed to the decision of two of Good Game’s hosts to pursue other opportunities, as well as its audience's increasing tendency to find gaming information from other sources.

You can read the full story over on Kotaku.

Disclosure: Angharad "Rad" Yeo is the sister of Amanda Yeo.

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    Any bets that commercial television will pick up GG and run with it?

    Might be where Hex is heading? She didn't say why she left the show!

      highly highly doubtful. its a bit redundant considering the plethora and speed of content online these days.

    Well that news just pissed in my coffee. What am I going to do with my "Nerdtacular Tuesday!?"

    It was alright. Enjoyed it. Happy to waste my tax money on it

    Sir John Hurt and now this....

    Good Riddance!
    The show lost its refined edge when Junglist was kicked off.

      And that's when I stopped watching it!

      Funny that the show got much more popular once hex was brought on.

        Put a pretty female face on anything and you can sell it.
        Doesn't make it better.

    GG was one of my last remaining links to the world of computer gaming. 30 minutes a week and I'd have enough idea about what was going on to satisfy me that I wasn't too far out of touch.

    The thought of YouTube equivalents makes my skin crawl based on the crap my kids watch about Minecraft etc. I'm sure there are professionals, but I doubt I'm going to bother to find out.

    I'm DevMac, may all your games be good ones.

    Does anyone know what the hosts' new projects that they are going to do now are? (did that make sense?) Can we get a comment from the hosts or should that be ex-hosts?

    Last edited 31/01/17 3:22 pm

      Bajo, Goose, Rad and I guess most of the production team are sticking around to continue with Spawn Point

      I believe Nichboy is working with Riot Games as an Esports presenter for League of Legends (or something of the like)

      Hex's post-GG plans are currently unknown

    this is just crappy, loved that show, made me laugh tears
    Im blamingtrump he's def to blame.

    I wonder if hex knew they were going to cancel the show if she left? I get people want to move on and try new opportunities.... But the timing sucks! I guess her leaving a 2 weeks before the scheduled air date wasn't enough time to get a new presenter in, so now the whole thing is cancelled.

    This is legitimately gut wrenching for me. As an active member of the community from Good Game, to Good Game Pocket, I feel like a hole has been ripped inside of me. I've made many great friends from this community, and it pains me to see it go.

    Bummed at this news, I enjoyed it, and Hex definately helped its popularity.

    oh no!
    now how will I get my fortnight-old video game news in video form!

    GG was as dead as the aussie gamedev scene
    I'm lookin at you NO MAN'S SKY :P

    Gaming news and reviews condensed in a half hour a week format seems to suit a lot of people, myself included.
    I bet many of us are full time workers and don't have the time to seek out professional youtube opinions and production. It's only when I'm interested in a particular game that I would then go onto youtube, usually after learning about it on GG.

      Yep, well said.

      I checked YouTube for NichBoy's No Man's Sky extended review. The GG range extended into daily news for those that required it as well, catering the varied requirements of finicky gamers.

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