God Save Me From Young, Sexy William Shakespeare And His New TV Show

Video: Coming to TNT in the US this year is Will, a show about the misadventures of a young, sexy William Shakespeare. The new promo released yesterday is all sex and violence and way less historical accuracy. Shocking, I know.

Image: TNT

Does Will (Laurie Davidson) have ambition and display it by saying that he's "No one, yet"? You bet he does! And do you see the line coming from a mile away, longing for death the whole time? YEP.

I guess it would be interesting to explore the various internal politics of Shakespeare's improbable rise and the various issues with the company of players he worked with. But Will seems to go more the Shakespeare in Love route, what with all the sex. I guess it at least believes Shakespeare was a real person, which is more than I can say for things like Roland Emmerich's Anonymous.

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