Dodo Customers Are More Likely To Buy Online Movies And TV

Source: Roy Morgan Single Source, October 2015 – September 2016, sample = 8,895 Australians aged 14+ with fixed broadband.

If you buy your broadband from the guys that do internet that flies, you're also more likely to buy movies and TV shows from iTunes or Google Play.

According to Roy Morgan's data, nearly 1.5 million Australians buy movies and TV shows to download every month — not an all-you-can-eat subscription like Netflix or Stan, but individual purchases or rentals through services like Google Play Movies & TV, the iTunes store and BigPond Movies.

And of Australia's major five fixed broadband providers, it's the customers of Dodo, who you'd expect to be as cheap as possible, who pay for individual movie and TV episode downloads.

10.9 per cent of Dodo customers pay for downloads, a big jump over the equally budget-conscious customers of TPG — only 6.7 per cent of which shell out for their digital media episode by episode.

Australians spend about $250 million on digital movie and TV downloads every year, but Roy Morgan also says the actual value of downloads due to piracy would be much, much higher.

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