Deals: Become A Master Of Machine Learning

When machine learning comes to mind, you probably picture a scene from The Matrix or iRobot. However, machine learning is already here...and it’s paving the way to tomorrow’s tech breakthroughs. If you want to get in on the field responsible for self-driving cars, Siri, and more, then you need to pick up the Machine Learning with Python Course and E-Book Bundle.

This collection features five courses and four e-books to advance your machine learning knowledge. Dive in, and you’ll start learning the nuts and bolts behind how deep learning is allowing machines to better recognize speech, images, and objects.

These courses will also have you wrangling mounds of essential machine learning data using Python and TensorFlow, adding valuable experience to your resume.

For a limited time, you can pick up this Machine Learning Bundle for $65 AUD [$49 USD]—more than 90% off its usual retail price.

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