Australian Brings Drowning Kookaburra Back To Life With An Air Compressor

Image: iStock

Anybody been watching The OA?

This is a bit like that, except with a Kookaburra and an air compressor. What did that bird see in the afterlife? We may never know.

This is wild.

It was posted by YouTube user Oxygnn with this description:

My dad was in his car when he saw the bird hit the glass wall in land in our pool in which he drowned and was close to dying.My dad staright away got the bird and formed cpr on him/her.The cpr was working okay but he needed something more strng so he brought something else into the scene.This thing pumped large ammounts of air very fast.My father placed the tube in the birds mouth and turned it on which straight away brought him back to life!

In the comments below Oxygnn confirms that the bird was able to fly afterwards.

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