A Bulky iPhone Case With A Built-In Charger And Cord Just Might Be Brilliant

A Bulky iPhone Case With A Built-In Charger And Cord Just Might Be Brilliant

Until Apple stops chasing thinner iPhone designs at the cost of battery life, trying to find a way to keep your device charged will just be a way of life. But if you don’t mind adding a little bulk to your smartphone, a new iPhone case will ensure you can always be charging whenever an outlet is nearby.

We’ve seen similar cases that feature a pair of pop-out prongs on the back so an iPhone can be plugged directly into a wall outlet. But that makes the device all but unusable while it’s charging, unless you’re OK with sitting on the floor.

The EZ Charge Case improves upon that design with a removable built-in plug and 71cm of cord so that when you plug your iPhone into an outlet, or a USB port, you can continue to easily use your device while it’s charging. The only trade-off? You’ll have to say goodbye to the sleek smartphone that so easily slides into your back pocket, because the EZ Charge Case appears to almost double the iPhone 6 and iPhone 7’s thickness. It also adds a few additional millimetres to their overall dimensions.

But if alleviating your anxieties over a dead battery far outweighs your need for a thin phone, the EZ Charge Case is now available through an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign that’s trying to raise $US25,000 ($33,100) to help put the case into production. As with any crowdfunded product it’s buyer beware here, because any number of things can go wrong, or delay delivery, as the case moves from final testing to production. So either make sure you’re good with unexpected delays, or simply hold off until these become available post-Indiegogo.

The basic version of the EZ Charge Case can be pre-ordered for $US39 ($52) with delivery expected in March, while a Pro version, that also adds a 2000 mAh battery, will go for $US69 ($91). Both versions will be available for the iPhone 6/s, 6/s Plus, 7 and the 7 Plus, in your choice of black, white and grey finishes to help colour-coordinate with your device. But if you’re OK with a case like this, you’ve probably stopped caring about the aesthetics of your smartphone.

Unfortunately, the prongs are configured for American outlets, so Australians will also have to carry around an adaptor, adding bulk. Still, it’s a cool concept, and we can only hope that something similar will pop up for Australians soon.