This Extreme Sand Skiing Video Shows Every Way To Use A GoPro

Image: GoPro

I've always said that if you want to buy a GoPro, you'd better have something good to use it for: there's no point filming yourself walking to the bus stop and sitting in your office all day eating chips. One solution: be a GoPro athlete, get paid to go and ski on sand dunes in Peru.

If you've got five minutes free today, check out the video below. It's a masterclass in how to put a GoPro to good use: everything from some drone action to chest- and head-mounted video, handheld (un-stabilised) walking footage, and static landscape shots. It's all explained in the behind-the-scenes footage, but the final edit is much more fun.

Also sand skiing is a thing, apparently, although I don't know why you'd bother when the snow is so much... cooler.


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