Skip That Trip To Hong Kong And Watch This POV Video Of Disney's Iron Man Experience Ride

Video: Disney's first Iron Man ride won't officially open until early in the new year, but a few lucky riders have already been on it, and they brought back a truly fun video of it in action. It's the next best thing to flying to Hong Kong, getting a hotel, going to the park and waiting in line for several hours.

Theme Park Review was at Hong Kong Disneyland last week for the soft opening of the ride, called the Iron Man Experience, and took some first-person, point-of view-video.

The ride mechanic is very similar to what Disney has been using on Star Tours for decades. Forty four people sit in the "Iron Wing", one of Tony Stark's latest creations, that just so happens to get sucked into a massive battle.

Though there have been small Marvel integrations in Disney Theme Parks ever since they bought the company in 2009, this is the first, full-on ride that was developed and put in a park. The next will be a Guardians of the Galaxy redesign of Twilight Zone: Tower of Terror at Disneyland in Anaheim, California, opening this winter.

[Theme Park Review, via EW]

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