Samsung's New Robot Vacuum Cleaner Looks Like Darth Vader

Samsung has a new robot vacuum cleaner, and its most notable feature might just be that it bears a very strong resemblance to a Sith Lord. This Empire-loving vac will be formally introduced at CES 2017 and will ship some time in March.

Image: Gizmodo Composite

When it comes to performance, the POWERbot VR7000 should be very similar to what you saw with the POWERbot VR9000, which we reviewed in 2014 and liked. The difference is that now — in addition to looking like The Betrayer — it sits lower to the ground and is 28 per cent slimmer.

And because it's almost 2017, the VR7000 works with the Amazon Echo, meaning that (if you import one) you should be able to tell order your robot vac around with your voice. No word on whether or not the vac will tell you it's your father.


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