Mobile Phone Petrol Bomb Found At Sydney Electrical Substation

Image: iStock

The NSW Police bomb squad is investigating a suspicious explosive device found at a western Sydney electrical distribution station this morning.

According to, a device described as a "lunch-box sized container full of a petrol-looking substance and a device similar to a mobile phone attached with wires protruding" was found just before 9am by workers at the Kingswood electricity substation on Penrith's Smith Street.

Substations are a crucial part of the national electricity grid and convert high-voltage power from long-distance transmission lines to the low-voltage power used by households and commercial businesses. Substation faults can cut power entirely to the grid areas that they serve, although large infrastructure buildings like hospitals generally have diesel-powered generator or battery energy storage backups in case of emergencies.

The substation is located near Penrith's two main hospitals and also serves homes within the general area. []

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