Meet Eight Prominent Indigenous Australians In SBS's First Contact VR Experience

Image: iStock

We've written about SBS's virtual reality app before, and pointed out some of the cool experiences that our national multicultural broadcaster has featured through it. Today's update adds eight interviews with prominent Indigenous Australians, filmed as part of First Contact 2, the final episode of which is airing on SBS tonight.

The eight vignettes were filmed in sterescopic VR — a first for the broadcaster, using two cameras side by side at a fixed viewpoint to capture a 3D image with actual, not simulated, depth. This works especially well for VR, where viewers have a more immersive viewpoint.

To try out First Contact VR, you just need to download the SBS VR app for Android and iOS. A 360-degree-friendly VR headset wouldn't go astray, either, to get that extra bit of in-your-face realism.

From SBS:

"6 out of 10 Australians say they’ve had little to no contact with Aboriginal people. Get up close and personal with 8 people who each have a heartfelt message to convey about what being an indigenous Australian means to them.

"The SBS First Contact VR experience is an opportunity for every Australian to have a chance to come face to face with Aboriginal people who each deliver a heartfelt message describing what being an Indigenous Australian means to them.

"Once the viewer presses play, First Contact VR will introduce you to prominent Indigenous Australians. The participants were chosen as representative of a broad mix of experience from throughout the country."

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