Instagram Stories Have Snapchat-Like Geofilters Now

Instagram Stories Have Snapchat-Like Geofilters Now

You know how you can overlay your Snaps with a filter based on where you are in the world? You can do that on Instagram stories now, too.

It’s just one of a bunch of new options in the latest Instagram update that includes stickers, “holiday fun” and hands-free recording.

Here’s how the stickers work, according to Instagram’s latest blog post:

After you’ve taken a photo or video, you’ll see a new stickers button next to the text and drawing tools. Tap the smiley face to find customisable stickers for weather, the current time and even your location. Adding a location sticker works the same as adding location to the posts you share to feed — simply choose or search for your location. People watching your story will be able to tap the sticker to learn more about the location, but your story won’t show up on the location page itself.

You can customise the stickers by moving them around, changing the size, and adding as many as you want. There are “holiday stickers” including snowmen, candy canes and gingerbread men and also the promise of New Year’s stickers to come.

The “Hands-Free” update basically lets you record a video without having to keep your finger on the button. It’s opt in, and you can find the option in the app’s settings.

The last update lets iOS users save 24 hours worth of stories to your camera roll as one big video.

Now, to see if Instagram can get a hold of those fun Snapchat filters.