If You Fap And Drive, You're A Bloody Idiot

Image: iStock

A Victorian man has been fined $1000 after being caught driving along a freeway watching pornography on his smartphone.

There have been a few studies recently into the safety of mobile phone usage while driving, but I don't think it takes an in-depth study to realise this is not a great idea.

According to SMH, the driver was caught in the act by an off-duty police officer who could see what was on the dashboard-mounted screen from his own vehicle.

Sergeant James Robbins said after 17 years on the job, he thought he'd seen it all, reminding drivers that this sort of behaviour "simply isn't acceptable."

As well as a $466 fine for using a mobile phone while driving, and a $622 fine for offensive behaviour, the driver also lost four demerit point.

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