How One Of The Godfather's Best Scenes Compares To What Was Written In The Script

Video: Usually around the end of the year, I re-watch a few old movies I haven't seen in a while to remind myself of how awesome they are. I'm not sure why I do this (probably because most new movies aren't that great, I get reflective as the year ends and I get tired of watching old Christmas movies over the holidays). But after seeing this script to screen analysis from Glass Distortion of The Godfather, I know which classic film I'll be watching again this year.

The Godfather Part III. Ha, just kidding.

I really enjoyed watching this edit of one of The Godfather's best scenes, when Michael kills Sollozzo and McCluskey in the restaurant after retrieving the gun from the bathroom, because it shows what's written on the script with what's happening on the screen at the same time. Even better, you get narration from Francis Ford Coppola explaining what's happening and what he's trying to do in the scene too. It's a really fun way to re-watch something you've seen dozens of times.

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