Here Is Your First Look At The Power Rangers Movie’s Take On Goldar (Also: Bleh)

Here Is Your First Look At The Power Rangers Movie’s Take On Goldar (Also: Bleh)

He’s… well, he’s certainly gold.

At this point, it almost feels like we’ve seen more of the Power Rangers movie from its merchandising than we have from the actual movie itself. We’ve yet to see the Megazord outside of its toy form, and the toys have given us our best looks yet at the individual zords, the morphing buckler, and hell, even the suits sort of look better as action figures.

But now we’ve got our latest look at the movie, and it’s once again through a toy — this time, an “exclusive” toy advert for the Megazord and for a matching Goldar figure uploaded by the Neo-Saban Power Rangers YouTube channel:

I like that the narrator has to mention that it is indeed Goldar right at the end, if you were slightly confused by the giant gold-painted slab of melting plastic in the footage you’ve just seen. Because that looks nothing like the Goldar of the show, except for the fact he’s got some wings and a fondness for the colour gold.

I suppose there’s something interesting to be noted that Goldar seemingly appears to look an awful lot like the Megazord, just plastered in gold, that hints at a connection between the two in the movie. It’d also explain why we keep hearing bizarre rumours about Rita Repulsa having to go on a quest to find as much gold as she can to bring Goldar to life, because this dude looks like he needs a lot of it.

But it’s just such a lazy design, you can’t help in comparison to the original. As alien-looking as they have been, you could at least argue that the movie’s updates to classic Power Rangers looks have had an element of weird inventiveness to them. This Goldar just looks boring. And gold. But mainly boring. Hopefully it will look a bit more interesting in the movie? We’ll have to find out when it hits theatres on March 24, 2017.