Apple Will Charge Australians $99 If You Lose An AirPod

After a few months of delays, Apple’s AirPods are finally shipping. And now that the wireless earphones are on their way to users, Apple is detailing how much servicing AirPods will cost.

As MacRumors spotted, Apple has updated its iPhone service pricing page to include AirPods.

AirPods come with a standard one-year warranty which will cover a defective battery — but not normal wear and tear. Apple will charge $69 for battery service for the AirPods and charging case.

And if you lose your charging case or a single AirPod, Apple will charge $99 for each AirPod and $99 to replace the case. Out of warranty repairs for the case and AirPods are also $99 each.

I suppose paying $99 to replace a lost AirPod is better than paying $229 for a whole new pair, but you should probably still think twice before using them for activity that is too strenuous. I’ve used AirPods and although they are just fine for walking around, I wouldn’t recommend running in them without something like this.