Watch This Guy Transform A Trashed BMW Back To Its Former Glory

Watch This Guy Transform A Trashed BMW Back To Its Former Glory

Bodywork is a dark art undertaken only by those deemed worthy by the car gods. YouTuber Arthur Tussik was among those chosen by automotive deities to take on such daunting tasks, and he’s decided to share his holy work with the rest of us on his YouTube channel. Watch him transform a totally smashed up BMW 3 Series back to a beautiful like-new state.

I don’t know what happened to this BMW, but it looks like a very large object smashed into its windshield and rolled off the back trunk lid, causing catastrophic damage to the windshield, roof and decklid. It ain’t pretty:

Most people might consider this car totaled, but Arthur Tussik is an experienced body repairman who does all sorts of advanced bodywork on his YouTube page. Watch what he does to get this thing back into tip-top shape:

It actually looks a lot simpler than I thought. After making a few measurements, Arthur uses a hydraulic jack to push the roof back up, then he drills out the roof panel of the wrecked car, and does the same to a donor roof panel that has been sawzalled off at its pillars.

From there, the magician does a bit of cleaning, welding and painting, and replaces the deck lid. The resulting car, even with the little ding in the hood, looks fantastic:

This BMW thought it was down for the count, but a Russian mastermind saw its potential and gave it a second chance on life. Be grateful, little BMW.